the manuscript adventure

Hi Everybody..
Are you easing into fall? I have my hickory all stacked up and ready to go. It would be very nice if someone was jealous. I'm hoping that it keeps me toasted on all sides and inspires me to write something new soon.

On "frying spam." First, I may have to take down the excerpts on the blog here soon, especially if it has anything to do with shopping the manuscript. Most likely though, I'll be able to keep at least one or two slices on my website until the thing is published.

So then, I'm excited that the "frying spam" followers have grown fast over the summer months. The hits on the site are in the thousands now too. And lots of you want to know what's going on with the agents and New York and all that jazzy jazz. So, while I'll be taking the excerpts down, I'll be continuing the blog as a regular update on all the dancing it takes for me to get a publishing deal. I'll even let you know when I get a rejection letter. Hopefully I won't moan and bitch too much.

So stay tuned, I'll walk you through it from day one. At least I'll have something to do before the rapture.

Happy Pumpkins,