waiting for heels..

I waited for three weeks to send out my next batch of queries.  I was busy, lazy, and wasn't looking forward to more rejections.  I'd already queried my top three choices.  I reasoned it as, okay, maybe there'd be someone great underneath a vague website.  And I shouldn't hold the cheesy titles they sold against them either.  So I got busy again.  More research.  Verifying info as current.  Agents move around often.  I look for current interviews too, whatever I can find.

I dropped three queries on a Friday.  I never heard from two of them.  I heard back from L in five days.  That was a good sign.  Maybe because I'd mentioned M had read my manuscript.  M sold the late Frank McCourt's memoir for big cash.  Anyway, L sold the late George Carlin's book.  She wanted my first 35 pages.  I hate that.  I know the drill though from the music business.  If the first three seconds doesn't hit subjective pay dirt, you suck.  That person thinks so at least.

Even though she had addressed the email to "Mr. Balkin," I emailed the first thirty-five pages.  I heard back in six days.  She said it was "an interesting glimpse into a quirky life, but considering how many manuscripts I see and the kind of competition already on the memoir shelves, I really have to fall head over heels in order to want to take it on."  

Head over heels?  I would deduct massive points on a student essay for that cliche.  And anyway, I thought that selling a book was not about orgasm and emotion.  Isn't sales about judging the marketability of product?  Objectivity?  Not sure I even want a business partner to think in terms of emo.  Once, I saw on an agent's blog; "I am not interested in anything that contradicts a Christian worldview."  I doubt she'd lift a heel either over my Chapter 10: Gay Dude Gets Gay Demon Cast Out Ha Ha!  And as far as I remember, a Christian world view is, fuck it, God's gonna burn it up in fire soon anyway.  

It was a depressing weekend.  Next up.. Round three..

Stay Tuned.. Hope to see you on November 28th!


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