every play a Hamlet..

I said I'd be sending out another round of queries.  I didn't.  I was hoping for another request or two to read the manuscript.  But no, nothing this week.  Dead.  I've read a few more stories from other writers about the hell they've gone through.  Not a good idea.  One girl was asked by her publisher, "Would you like your advance in gas money or postage?"

That was encouraging.  Right?  So what she did was start her own promotional machine and hit the road.  She said it worked but still has no home to call her own. Said she needs a rich partner or maybe some endowment.   And yes, there are more stories.  Many.  You can imagine them all.  All variations on the same theme, as is every play a Hamlet or a Romeo and Juliet.  There are only a couple of stories.  The ones we all live and love or loath.

The author story is this.  If you are one in a million, you may end up on THE list.  Everyone else never sees their work in print, or, does see it in print with no support for a reading tour, advertising, promotion or the like.  So its as if the author published it themselves anyway.  One might even find a chunk of the expenses show up on their AMEX in the end.  So I'm wondering just what all those B,C,D book deals amount to in the end.  So far I see air.  Maybe fog.

Tuesday.  Yes.  Tuesday I'll get more queries in the mail.

Stay tuned.  See you on the 28th.  Yes?


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