Pickled Nerves

Well, as you probably all know by now, the big read is days away.  Even while I continue to look for an agent that can wheel my book deal, I've made the decision to celebrate the completion of the manuscript in a public reading and martini reception.  Pocono Community Theatre, a local venue, volunteered to be the sponsor.  And I am humbled at the response.  Even those who can't be there, from Philadelphia, Connecticut, even in the UK, have sent their regrets and even made offers for me to come and read.  I can't even take that all in just yet.

My nerves are pickled.  It's daunting to go naked with a big slice of myself in front of a live audience.  I suppose the trick is to hold it all together between now and then.  Is this what it means to live?  At any rate, to the many that are signed on to the experience, we'll do the best we can to present a class show.  We'll raise our glasses to the beauty of words, the sensuousness of music, and the martini gods.

Thanks for staying tuned. I'm happy to be meeting each of you. It gets really lonely out here in the cyberhood.

Be well,

If you haven't received your invite.. it's HERE

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