a batch of a birthday..

it's after midnight.. the lonely hours have arrived once again.. the furnace hums past like empty subway cars down there with the pots of dirt that came in for the winter.. all i get is hot air from over there in the corner.. something strange coming out of some philly radio station too.. people chanting and banging on things.. don't have the mind to change the station.. always did hate changing stations.. could miss something they got planned.. you just never know..

there's a pile of query letters on the table in their envelopes all proper and all.. simpson stamps and nice addresses.. madison avenue, fifth avenue, west this and that on the 46th floor.. i only have two floors here.. just a few steps to the top.. anyway, those envelopes will be in the mail tomorrow.. my birthday.. then i'm off to teach two writing classes.. they have no idea.. no clue.. yet.

the query moves ahead.. a full report on the Memories & Martinis event last saturday coming soon too.. so stay tuned..

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