the memories & martinis hangover..

I still have a hangover. Unfortunately not from the martinis. It's nothing that a bloody mary can fix. The Memories & Martinis celebration went so well that, well, I'm a bit disoriented. What exactly happened that day? As a rule, literary events are not that well attended, unless of course the author is well known, has a book for sale, a big promo budget, it's a free event, or all the English majors on campus are required to file in to "report" on the thing as they would on the mating habits of opossums.

None of that is true about the Memories & Martinis event. For perhaps the first time in that town, lots of people paid to sit in a seat and listen to literature. They clapped, cried, and laughed. Yes, laughed. My intention with Frying Spam was humor. And to my amazement it was a success. I feel okay now about saying I'm a humorist. Nice. Going into it I had confidence in the work. But then, there's always a chance I was deluding myself. It wouldn't have been the first time I laughed at me when no one else did.

Some of the disorientation I feel is that I don't know what's next, outside of hunting down an agent. Maybe I'll land a few cherry reading gigs for the spring, start another book, drink some more wine, and teach and carry on as I have been. Perhaps the bitter ice of January will give birth to exciting things. Stay tuned. In the meantime, check out the photo video below of the event. Even if you weren't there, you might see yourself in the photos.

A big thanks to Pocono Comunity Theater, the musicians, the readers, and all who came out. We'll do it again in 2010!


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