this just in! more good news!

I received yet another request from an agent to read the complete manuscript. Hell yeah! Yes, and what's exciting about this is that he had already asked for a sample chapter. So he said they enjoyed reading that chapter and wanted the whole thing now. They want my bio and all that other stuff too. Cool. But "enjoy?" Yes.. insert drumroll here.. he used the word enjoy. Funny how I'm starting to hang on every word. Getting emo about it seems really stupid when I step back from it all. But, I mean, they don't say much, not much at all. Seems like the most popular word from agent rejections is "fit."

So forgive me folks if I'm somewhat excited. Maybe giddy? Silly? So what if it all comes to nothing in the end. For the time being, it's considered remarkable by writers that the manuscript has gotten this far in only four months and with only a handful of queries. For anyone in tall buildings and silk ties to even ask to read the beast is very cool indeed. I'm going with it folks. Santa is in my back pocket! Stay tuned.

Me Happy,

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  1. Awesome news! No worries it will succeed. Before we know it I'll be picking up the the latest SST christmas collection for 30% off at Borders. You've got one of the first generations of die-hard skeptics waiting for somebody to force them to laugh at the rediculous things they grew up believing. They're due for retirement any time now which means plenty more time to read..your bestseller.
    P.S. I think they prefer the word fit because most writers are self-proclaimed misfits anyway. It's not as insulting to hear that your book didn't "fit" the part. Hell, it'd be a real waste of time and paper if you didn't have to stomp on it a bit to make it fit.