dead of winter..

On Christmas day no less, I received an email from a N.Y. agent I admire to a great degree. He has a great sense of humor and an impressive roster of clients and contacts. He'd asked a week or so before to read my manuscript of frying spam. Even though he let me down gently, it was fantastic news. Unlike the dozen or so terse "no fit" rejections I've received so far, he offered an assortment of compliments for this often discouraged writer holed up in the mountains in the dead the winter. The short of it is what he called "a close call." But "almost" is certainly a pile better than rejection, especially when the "almost" is constructive. Along with praise, he offered insight on what tipped the scale. And too, the communication is open to some degree should I decide on another revision. I also heard from another great agent. He wanted to read frying spam too. That was a month ago. I'm still waiting. So, doing yet another revision is looking more interesting by the day, especially since the winter has made a bear of me. The sun is pitched low, the trees are naked, the fireplace inviting, the wait is as numbing as it is cold outside. But the possibilities look like spring.

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  1. Explore new but keep old. Review the suggestion he made. Does it make sense or sound like hogwash? The professor I had for technical writing class once upon a time alays made us rewrite.That's my 2 pence for what it's worth.
    Best of luck with it, keep us posted.