samuel needs a soapbox..

He said, "You're a nobody with a great book." And I said, That's good, right? I mean, I wonder about my book a lot. Especially after midnight and a bottle of wine. But I'm well aware of just how nothing I am. I could have used some encouragement there. But no.

Still, it was another really thoughtful rejection letter. "We had so much fun reading your manuscript... laughed our asses off... quirky and painful..." and bla bla bla. But about me? They said I wasn't big enough, well known enough. A rock star dropping the poop about how he was abused. As if that's different than a nobody dropping the abused bomb.

He used the word 'platform'. I've heard this before. Mentioned it in earlier posts. I don't have a platform. I need a platform, he said. A stage. A dias, rostrum, podium, soapbox. A makeshift elevated personality that would make me a marketing no-brainer. An easy sell for the suits and corporate hucksters.

Well, just what then is a nobody boy to do? As I've said before, it seems a published book builds the platform, not the reverse. But no doubt there is truth in having a dedicated pre-published fan base. My facebook fan page is growing, yes. You guys must be spreading my stuff around, because there has been a recent spike in "likes" from dozens of people from around the world that I don't know. It's encouraging.

And this then.. I'm wrapping up another revision soon of "frying spam" at the suggestion of another New York agent. Perhaps I'll throw in a couple more queries. Then I'll see what happens. But you know what? I've got some other cool ideas banging around in my head. Outrageously creative publishing ideas. It's still too soon to share. You should stay tuned. Definitely.

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Sure nice knowing you all,

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  1. What about reading portions of the revision outside the stage doors of Letterman, Oprah, and whoever else might have clout and put you on their show, at which you can charm everyone with your wit? Maybe add some street performing, music, glitz, multi-screen techno displays? Offer free food and drink? Good grief, what ever happened to the good old-fashioned book being the platform?